The Benefits Of Wearing A Silk Pajamas Body

- Feb 09, 2018-

Moisturizing health: Silk protein fiber is rich in amino, amino and other hydrophilic factors, with strong moisture absorption and moisture, can regulate skin moisture, keep the skin clean. Silk fiber contains 18 kinds of amino acids and human skin composition, can increase the vitality of epithelial cells, prevent hardening of the arteries, nourish the skin.

Sewage and antibacterial: Silk fiber has good moisture absorption and moisture release, it can make the skin sweat quickly, absorbing the metabolism of carbon dioxide. Silk sericin ingredients have the ability to prevent the growth of mites and fungi, antibacterial skin allergy effect.

Anti-wrinkle anti-aging: silk contains lysine, leucine, etc. can speed up the skin surface lipid membrane metabolism, enhance skin elasticity, including threonine, serine and other improve blood circulation, prevent dry skin wrinkles, delay the skin senescence.