Pajamas Purchase Coup

- Feb 09, 2018-

(1) clothing material. Cotton pajamas soft, breathable, can reduce the stimulation of the skin, so to choose cotton, because the cotton wool hygroscopic, can absorb the sweat on the skin well. Moreover, cotton is different from man-made fibers, allergies and itching does not occur and so on.

 The best material texture is cotton fabric or cotton-based synthetic fibers. The ideal pajamas are knit pajamas, because this pajamas are both thin and soft, but also a certain degree of flexibility. So this material close to the most comfortable. Although the pajamas silk slippery comfortable, beautiful and sexy, but can not absorb sweat, pajamas as a fun alternative is a good choice.

(2) color. Dark dye is not good for health, to choose elegant. Elegant and light colors, both for the family to wear and peace of mind Ningyin role, and bright red and blue pajamas will affect people's relaxation, thus affecting the rest. Therefore, the color pajamas to choose a variety of pink is appropriate, such as pink, pink green, pink and beige and so on.

(3) style. Tight bundles of chest, abdomen and back and other parts of sleep, will do horror nightmare, to choose a sufficient width, pajamas back and front, should have sufficient width, must not be too small or just fine. In addition, sleepwear is easy to wear, easy to take off and easy to wash.