Pajamas May Wear Out At Least Once A Week

- Feb 09, 2018-

The colder the weather, the more lazy people are, although they routinely wash their clothes for wear, but for pajamas, many people turn a blind eye. Pajamas for a long time without washing will not only lead to skin diseases, but also lead to other systemic diseases.

Earlier, a British survey of a mattress company showed that men's pajamas on average will wear nearly two weeks to wash, while the female pajamas wear 17 days to wash once. Most of the respondents said that because pajamas wear only a few hours a day, and not dirty, naturally less wash.

Although the above survey data may not all be adapted, most people in life do neglect the frequency of cleaning their pajamas. Instead of washing the same pajamas repeatedly for more than 10 days, it is easy to cause illness. Nanan City Hospital dermatology chief physician Huang Shaoming introduction, human skin will shed a lot of dander all the time, and pajamas direct contact with the skin, it will naturally leave a lot of dander, pajamas wear longer, the accumulation of dead cells on the clothes and More and more microorganisms, and these dander often carry many bacteria. On the other hand, people spend most of their time in bed wearing pajamas, and the bed is full of mites, dander, dust, etc. They may also come into direct contact with the body through pajamas.