Here Is The Best Quality Flannel

- Apr 20, 2018-

Flannel is suitable for making trousers, tops, children's clothing, etc. Thin can also be used as a fabric for shirts and skirts. The raw materials are made of 64 fine wools, with more than 12 pieces of coarse carding yarns in the latitude and longitude, and the fabrics are composed of plain weaves and twill weaves.

 Weaving and linting are used for finishing, and we feel full and delicate. The fabric weighs approximately 260-320 g/m2 and the thin type approximately 220 g/m2. Most of them are dyed with loose fibers, mainly composed of different shades of grey or milky white, light coffee and other colors. There are also pieces of plain and sliver, lattice and other patterns. Flannel is also useful for combing wool yarns or cotton yarns for warp and carded yarns. The carding yarns are sometimes spun with a small amount of cotton or viscose.