Bathrobes And Dressing Gowns

- Feb 09, 2018-

Some people wear nightgowns with bathrobes, while others are separated. Bath towels generally have a better texture of the towel absorbent, and towel plays the same role, but it is more convenient to wrap the body, you can wear it to move around freely at home. The general role of robe can not bathrobe.

Nightgown refers to loose and long robes worn in the bedroom. Use multi-use fabric soft and elegant solid color and delicate floral pattern, the choice of fabric often cotton fabric or high-grade silk. Before and after going to bed in a casual wear. Material selection of cotton, silk fabrics and wearing soft, comfortable fabrics.

Bathrobes large and comfortable, the general texture, including cotton (including ordinary cotton and combed cotton), towel terry material, Gerong, waffle, coral velvet, bamboo fiber and other materials. Different materials and processes give people the feeling, as well as the degree of comfort to wear may be very different.