What to do winter pajamas winter pajamas choose what fabric good

- Feb 09, 2018-

1, pajamas is not a home service winter too thick

Many women put pajamas as home services, cooking, housework are wearing pajamas, winter to keep warm, then pajamas, of course, the thicker the better, warm, what to do. In fact, the pajamas can not be confused with the home service, otherwise it is easily contaminated with fumes, dust and bacteria, we can imagine, wearing such a pajamas will sleep and health much impact. Pajamas only wear while sleeping, should not be too thick. Especially in winter, thin or slightly thick pajamas are more suitable for sleep, too thick pajamas poor ventilation, will hinder normal skin respiration and sweat evaporation, but not warm enough, will make your sleep quality decline.

2, pajamas color should light pale preferred cotton material

Pink, light green and beige and other elegant colors, more conducive to sleep; red, dark blue and other colors, is not conducive to emotional relaxation, affecting night rest, so pajamas the best selection of pale colors.

Pajamas fabric cotton, silk, wood pulp fiber, chemical fiber, silk imitation, satin, chiffon, linen and other varieties, the best for cotton. Cotton pajamas moisture absorption, and soft and breathable, not easy to stimulate the skin, personal wear more comfortable and safe. Chemical fiber pajamas in the winter easy to static, not suitable choice; linen pajamas can affect sleep, it should be ruled out.

3, split pajamas are more convenient and easy to loose size

Pajamas styles can be divided into three kinds: suspenders, split and even robe. Winter is more suitable for split pajamas, not only comfortable to wear, action is also more convenient. In size, pajamas should not be too small, too tight or just good, relatively loose is better, wearing a fall asleep will not have a sense of restraint.

4, pajamas should be frequently wash wash in the shade to dry

Many people do not like to wash their clothes, especially pajamas, which are worn only when they are asleep. They feel that they are not dirty at all and often wash them for a few weeks.

You know, the body into the sleep, the metabolism continues, sweat, grease excreted from the skin, are deposited in the pajamas, bacteria and mites will be breeding, if only wash for a few weeks, these dirty things will stimulate the skin, resulting in fat Itchy, inflamed, severe and even folliculitis. Therefore, the pajamas should be diligent wash, oily skin should be changed at least once a week.