Newborn clothes how to choose

- Feb 09, 2018-

1, neonatal sweat glands strong, the best selection of cotton cloth for clothing.

2, delicate newborn's bones, not suitable to wear pullovers. It is best to let the baby wear a cardigan for easy to wear off.

3, if the newborn suffering from milk ringworm, the shirt should not wear chemical fiber and wool a class of clothes, but should choose cotton or silk clothes

4, neonatal clothes to tie with lapel-style as the best. The front of the garment should be longer and the back slightly shorter to avoid or reduce stool contamination.

5, neonatal activity is unconscious, irregular and uncoordinated, most of the limbs are quivering, in order not to bind their development, clothes should be generous. In this way, one to facilitate their activities, and second, easy to wear off

6, in order to avoid scratching delicate skin, do not nail the button on the clothes, but can not use the pin, you can use the tape on the side, the winter clothes can also use the above pattern made of double, the middle pad to thin cotton tires. In summer, the most suitable clothes for the newborn are long dress in the style of dress, the back is laced for changing diapers.

7, the color of neonatal clothes to shallow light is appropriate. Dark dye dyed fabric has some stimulation to the skin, easily lead to dermatitis

8, if the size of clothes on the instructions, we must ensure that children can use at least 2 months time. Children do not care about slightly larger clothes, actually slightly larger clothes are more appropriate, because children will grow up in a very short period of time.

9, to ensure that the purchase of your clothes does not affect the use of diapers, diapers do not take off a lot of clothes. Purchase loose towel jumpsuit, need to buy that kind of crotch at the crotch or with the front metal buttons.

10, the material of the clothes should be soft, comfortable, stitching can not be hard. Before buying, check the neckline size and waistline. When buying a baby towel, it is best to buy cotton or wool, if you buy cloth, we must ensure that the texture is soft and comfortable.

11, buy non-flammable clothes.

12, should not be purchased with lace clothes, children may be inserted into the hole in which.

13, if you buy a hat for children, we must have the kind of tape, if there is no tape, be sure to sew tape. Most children do not like to wear hats, if not with a good tie, the child will pull the hat off.

14, the collar behind the metal buttons clothes generally use a longer time. When the clothes become smaller, the back of the metal buttons can not be tied, so head can go through the collar.

15, should pay attention to the sewing process of underwear, the less seams as the criterion.