Men's pajamas optional maintenance

- Feb 09, 2018-

Summer to choose light, thin, soft, breathable and good fabric, and its good drape its endothermic sweat and other functions, the spring and autumn require good thermal performance, easy, comfortable. Fabric pattern to be elegant, regular small floral or bar pattern. Winter can choose a little heavier colors and patterns. Pajamas to wash wash dry, silk to dry do not exposure. Summer sweating more, so pajamas to change frequently.

1, in the clean silk pajamas must turn the clothes in turn, dark silk pajamas should be separated from the light wash;

2, summer sweat silk pajamas should be washed immediately or soaked in water, avoid washing with more than 30 degrees of hot water;

3, polyester please use special silk detergent, avoid using alkaline detergent, soap, detergent or other detergent, silk dress, do not use disinfectant, but can not be put into the washing product after soaking; washing with water Rinse several times, gently rub the wash, after washing can not force silk twist underwear, so as not to wrinkle the clothes. To maintain the bright color of silk pajamas, soft, add a few drops of white vinegar in the final rinse water

4, conservation, silk pajamas should be dried when the Bacheng iron, and should not be directly sprayed water, and to wear the wrong side of clothing, the temperature control between 100-180 degrees.

5, yellow silk clothes soaked in clean Taomi Shui, change the water every day, three days after the yellow can be faded. If there is yellow perspiration, melon juice can be used to wash away;

6, in the amount of water into the appropriate amount of shampoo (amount equivalent to silk detergent), into the light clothing after rubbing clear, because the hair also contains a lot of protein and silk fabric is.