Fleece how to print fleece printing process

- Feb 09, 2018-

Fleece how printing, fleece printing process, usually used to the printing is divided into: 1) transfer printing. 2) Screen Printing (flat screen, round screen)

Transfer printing - round roll electric engraving version (explain how to judge several sets and need to note, for example, their own lattice printing and printing ideas), the printing plate by printing the pigment printed on the transfer printing paper, and then by high temperature to print The color of the paper is transferred to the fabric, can be finished. Usually used more

Flat net - printing mold fixed to the square frame, was a square, with hollow pattern, with patterns of places through the paste, no pattern of the place is sealed, when the cloth through, the printing die fell on the fabric, through Scraper repeated scraping net, so that the pigment penetrates the cloth surface, and then washed, steamed for the finished product. Now use very little, basically not.

Like the circular net, it is also a hollow printing mold, which is in the form of a cylinder. The color paste is put into the net and remains in the net bottom. The rotary net rotates together through the conveyor belt. The net has a scraper blade and scrapes each other Pressure, through the online pattern, penetrate the fabric, and then after washing, steaming color.