Coral velvet pajamas or flannel pajamas is good?

- Feb 09, 2018-

Flannel pure and generous color, light gray, gray, dark gray of the points, suitable for the production of spring and autumn men's and women's trousers and trousers, flannel gram heavy, plush more delicate and dense, thick fabric, high cost, warmth it is good. Flannel it has a layer of plump and delicate villi cover, do not reveal the weave, feel soft and smooth, body slightly softer than Melton. After the down, finishing hair, feel plump, suede delicate.

Flannel is an upgraded version of coral velvet, can not afford to lint ball, the quality is better than coral velvet.

① Flannel grams grams, that is, it is thick fabric, high cost, good warmth flannel plush more delicate and dense, plush coral cashmere coarse and sparse;

Coral fleece easy to lose hair, while the flannel will not easily lose hair;

③ the same pattern, coral cashmere fabric will appear fuzzy, flannel fabric will be more clear and bright