Analysis of the characteristics of common pajamas fabrics

- Feb 09, 2018-

Cotton can be used in pajamas throughout the year. Pure cotton pajamas have good hygroscopic breathability, gentle muscle, can bring you the perfect comfort experience. And cotton pajamas are made of cotton as raw material, natural, pollution-free, does not irritate the skin, wearing more secure; However, the cotton pajamas easy to wrinkle and not easy to heal, but also easy to shrink, easy to deform, if it is quality comparison Poor cotton pajamas, wash several times will become more ugly.

Lace pajama has been by virtue of its unique romantic, sexy favored by many women. Lace fabric thin, breathable, summer wear will be more cool; and wearing a very light body, without the slightest heavy feeling. Compared with cotton, lace pajamas are not easy to wrinkle, not easy to shrink, wear free and easy. However, because lace is a chemical fiber fabric, the body has some stimulation, but as technology research and development capabilities, this incentive will be reduced to a minimum.

Net yarn pajamas fabric composition is generally nylon and spandex. Nylon is the biggest advantage of high strength, good wear resistance; while spandex has excellent flexibility, set the advantages of both in one of the net pajamas, good quality, durable; good elasticity, allowing you to stretch freely. In addition, gauze pajamas breathability is also better, the surface of the lustrous luster revealed a high-end fashion sense.

Silk, in the minds of people, is elegant and expensive, and many people find it prohibitive. Unique pearl silk pajamas luster, its gorgeous and upscale enjoy. Silk pajamas feel smooth, soft, good hygroscopicity, breathability, but also has good skin care and health effects. But silk pajamas more delicate, in the washing process should pay special attention.

Pajamas What fabric is good? Summer pajamas try to choose light, thin, soft, breathable and good fabric, and drape, which has heat absorption sweat and other functions, the spring and autumn requires warm performance, easy, comfortable. Spring and autumn require warm performance, easy, comfortable, so choose cotton fabric is better.